BOATFEST has been designed to align with the draft tourism strategy of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. To ensure growth of the tourism sector within the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, the draft strategy has been developed based on four strategic priority areas that include;

Driving demand to increase the desirability of the Port Adelaide Enfield region as a travel destination, inspiring more people to visit, stay longer and spend more

BOATFEST has been specifically designed around a two day event activation to encourage visitors to come and stay longer in the precinct. While some of the initial interest in the event will revolve around patrons specifically interested in wooden and heritage boatsit should be noted that the event program planned is much broader in appeal and will certainly contribute to the increasing the desirability of the precinct as a travel destination. 

Working collaboratively to build collaboration amongst the City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s stakeholders to grow tourism in the region

With approximately 10 years in the planning, BOATFEST will rely on collaborative relationships in the precinct to ensure its viability and appeal. To this end, discussions are already underway with existing museums, heritage organisations, community groups ranging from arts to volunteers, other sailing clubs and tourism businesses. Plans also include an innovative approach to try and utilise a ‘water taxi’ service between Hart’s Mill activities and New Port Quays where the wooden boats will be on display. Smaller vessels and ‘come and try’ activities will also be at Cruickshank’s Corner.

Supporting our tourism industry to enhance the visitor experience by building the experience base in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield so that every visitor has a positive, memorable experience

BOATFEST by design, will encourage movement across the precinct and a diversity in activity unlike any other event. The provision of a free loop shuttle bus between each element, controlled parking and ease of movement are paramount to the visitor experience. The events will also showcase much more than wooden and heritage boats which provide patrons with a number of reasons to repeat visit. It is intended that the Festival is held bi-annually. 

Using events to drive visitation to make visiting the City of Port Adelaide Enfield a year round proposition for leisure travellers

The event is planned to provide leverage for other Port Adelaide businesses and, indeed, the Port Adelaide Sailing Club to commence dialogue and highlight the many things that the precinct has to offer visitors. The timing of October is to capitalise on the weather while fitting into the existing wooden boat calendar and allowing interstate and international enthusiasts to plan their visit. 

The BOATFEST trade exhibition and displays - the Maritime Marketplace will allow for local business to showcase their goods and services to a new and interested audience from across Adelaide, South Australia and the world. 

Meanwhile, local bands, entertainers, artists, crafts people, foodies and boutique beverage suppliers will provide the lifestyle backdrop for patrons to the event. The introduction of a seafood celebration element on the docks and Hart’s Mill is unlike anything that currently exists in Adelaide and has generated significant interest to date. 

BOATFEST has clear objectives in terms of its planning, design and execution. The Port Adelaide Sailing Club has determined that: 

  • The event must be of professional standard in its execution in keeping with the club’s values and reputation.

  • The event should provide opportunities for the creation of ancillary events to grow its appeal.

  • The event must, at all times, provide positive financial outcomes to the club.

  • The event must promote positively The City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the Port Adelaide Sailing Club and be a project that the community wants to be part of at all times.

  • The event aims to encourage people to be involved in maritime activities, particularly seeking to engage younger people of all persuasions.