An innovative and ‘grass roots’ marketing and communications plan has been developed for the event. It is acknowledged that, with limited resources, the event must be clever in the way that it executes its available budgets in this area. The event has very targeted demographics at its core and these are readily accessible to it via the Port Adelaide Sailing Club. Additional marketing funds will be utilised to attract media partners in the first instance to expand our demographic profile to a wider audience. 

Channel 9 News Adelaide is the media partner for the inaugural Port Adelaide BOATFEST 2018. Look out for our television ads and our ‘watch and win’ prize in the lead up to the event on Nine News.

The uniqueness of the precinct’s heritage and history, the bringing back of wooden boats with a focus to enhance the recent arrival home of the City of Adelaide clipper, the redevelopment of the Port River precinct and successes in tourism terms like Tour Down Under stages and the like provide the perfect elements for a very focused and driven Public Relations campaign for the event. This will be undertaken by a professional firm with a view to maximising every possibility and story angle available to us. Combine this with community based engagement and getting them to tell their stories wrapped around a BOATFEST brand and it is envisaged that we can make our marketing and communications budget extend much further for the event. 

The Port brand benefits greatly from this event and its style and structure. It is designed to have wooden heritage boats at itscore – bringing a sense of pride and history back to the Port. However, ancillary celebrations within the Festival like the South Australian Seafood Celebration, plans for a Port Pirate Day for families and close collaboration with the Museums in the Port provide meaningful mediums for residents and visitors alike to want to come and experience the offerings of the Port and build the Port brand as a direct result.